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Whether you’re organising a 21st birthday, wedding, 50th wedding anniversary or staff Christmas Party, Fiddle Paradiddle will provide you with the perfect entertainment to get all of your guests in the party mood.

Our experience of playing hundreds of different types of events in venues as diverse as village halls, hotel banqueting suites and cloisters of Italian country houses, means that we can advise you on all the arrangements. Having played so many different venues (especially in London) means we could also give you some pointers if you haven’t worked out where you want to have your event yet!


We know how important your wedding day is. And we know how important it is getting your wedding band right. Fiddle Paradiddle have played ceilidhs at weddings across the UK and Europe for big crowds and small, young and old. We’re so convinced by what we do and how we do it, we even booked ourselves to play for our own weddings!

We’ve played weddings in marquees, church halls and corridors of grand old houses. No venue is too big, and no space is too small (generally!). If you’re looking for a band that can get everyone from your 3 year old niece to your 93 year old Grannie on the dance floor then look no further! We’ve been honing our dances and music for the last 6 years, making sure that our set-list is suitable for your guests, with classic dances – and a few deep-cuts, so that the expert dancers don’t get too cocky!

We can work with you on what you’re looking for with your first dance – anything from a traditional waltz, group dance with the top table, or providing the sound equipment for a recorded dance.

We have a curated playlist of the best traditional folk music out there, which we can play between sets, and can finish your night with an epic orcadian Strip the Willow, rendition of Auld Lang Syne or play you out as your guests form a tunnel to your awaiting carriage.

We pride ourselves in our fast set-up time, and will liaise with you on the most convenient time to arrive. We are also very happy to liaise directly with the venue to discuss technical requirements. Another thing to mark off your to-do list!
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We love birthdays. Especially our own. Every year we’ll buy each other a bottle of whisky for each other’s birthday, and enjoy sharing. But we also love showing up at other people’s birthday parties and giving them a night they’ll never forget!

Book Fiddle Paradiddle for the biggest day of the year – your birthday – and we’ll entertain your family and friends as they celebrate you! Whether you’re turning 21, or just wish you were turning 21, we can cater for the crowd, and adjust our repertoire, pace, and set lengths. Get in touch to see how we can join your party and get everyone dancing.

If you’re having a smaller do, then why not book a bunch of tickets for our Pop-Up Ceilidh? Our Ceilidh Nights have become a favourite for birthday parties, hen dos, work nights out and adventurous first dates!
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Whether a high profile After-Party, charity fundraiser, or staff social, Fiddle Paradiddle has added the quality touch to events across the country, turning corporate functions into parties to remember with our professional, energetic ceilidhs. If you’re looking to end your night with a way to help your guests let their hair down, or want to break the ice with some traditional Scottish dancing, Fiddle Paradiddle are the perfect source of alternative entertainment!
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